Industry Background

Industry Background

According to Statistics provided by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals most inmates are incarcerated, at least in large part, because of substance abuse.

FACT: 80% of offenders abuse alcohol or other drugs.

FACT: 50% of jail and prison offenders are clinically addicted.

FACT: 60% of individuals arrested for most types of crimes test positive for illicit drugs at arrest.

The offender’s burden of incarceration coupled with their withdrawals of the many addictive substances is now placed on correctional officers creating a toxic environment for both. In corrections there is a saying that an individual can become “institutionalized”. Meaning the offender has been incarcerated more years of their life than they have been free. So if released they would be lost not knowing where they would sleep, where there next meal would come from, or how they would make a living likely committing additional crimes to be able to return to their safety net of incarceration. But what most people are not aware of this term “institutionalized” also refers to the state of correctional officers. Officers work 12 hour shifts 40-60 hours a week just to make ends meet for their struggling families while looking at the same massive cinder block walls, heavy steel thundering sounded doors, and constant smell of human odor in addition to the same daily routine that becomes monotonous. All while watching every offenders every move to protect your life and every life around you because disaster could strike at any minute. Perform that work for 30 years and you become part of the facility just like a statue. Yet if we can provide a safer, cleaner, positive environment for the offender and officer then the relationship among them may prosper even thrive. Being able to eliminate the burden of breaking a habit “cold-turkey” by relieving stress through an e-cigarette one less obstacle in their way to rehabilitation while producing a safer, more positive environment for the officers.

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