Offender Wins Lawsuit against State of Missouri for Second-Hand Smoke

When two Kansas City attorneys took on a pro bono case for a convicted double murderer suffering health problems from secondhand smoke, they thought they’d lose for sure. But they didn’t. Michael Foster and Phillip Zeeck, attorneys at Polsinelli PC in Kansas City, represented Willie Simmons, now known as Ecclesiastical Denzel Washington. Their client was sentenced to life [...]


American Cancer Society Reverses Stance on E-CIGS

The American Cancer Society recently shocked the world by reversing its previously hostile stance toward e-cigarettes. With its new policy position, the ACS joins the growing number of public health organizations that view vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. The American Cancer Society Endorses Vaping Over Smoking A new statement on the ACS website claims that [...]


Industry Background

According to Statistics provided by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals most inmates are incarcerated, at least in large part, because of substance abuse. FACT: 80% of offenders abuse alcohol or other drugs. FACT: 50% of jail and prison offenders are clinically addicted. FACT: 60% of individuals arrested for most types of crimes test [...]